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Crossing the Line

I'm a woman who's spent my life self-straddling* the line: shy and anxious, coloring within the lines yet quietly something else.  Lately, creating and making things has given me the time to think:  about identity, about the roles we play as we move through life.  Happy to find that it's true: the act of making things or being creative is the best therapy. I am not an artist, not an expert at any of the things I am making, but the process is the important part.  Yo Rebel Woman started as an Instagram name , and has morphed into  a mantra and a call to action.   A reminder that now more than ever I need to , we need to STAND UP and free that rebel within.    

As I will continue to point out in this blog, I am an expert on none of these topics - and guess what - I'm not sorry!  I'm on a quest to figure this shit out!  Putting things out there publicly, no matter how anxious and difficult it is for me to be vulnerable and to share,  holds me accountable, if only to myself.    To continue to work it out. The idea is that  sharing what works for me might work for others.  My fear of blogging has to do with my fear of being in the spotlight, of being the focus of attention, of boring you.  It's been a struggle to take the leap and hit publish!

About me, the basics:  Married, two kids in college (almost). Recently unemployed, I sew things, mostly teaching myself via online tutorials. I saw a modern quilt at a furniture show years back and was dumbstruck. LOVED it.  (It was by Modern Quilt Studio.) 

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*Is self-straddle a thing?  I'm afraid what I'll find if I google it.

Portrait quilt at left from "Making Faces" workshop by Melissa Averinos.  I highly recommend it! And her, you'll love her.  My piece shown here  still not quilted because I am afraid that if I attempt to do it I'll screw it up!